5 Top Tips to Choose the Best Beach Wedding Shoes


Sky-high heels and spiking stilettos are no longer relevant for your beach wedding. However, it doesn’t mean that you only need to wear rubber sandals too. You don’t need to sacrifice glamour just to find a pair of wedding shoes that actually stand up for the reception and surfing too. Check out the following tips and make it easy for you to find a fine pair.

  • What not to Wear

This is going to be a beach wedding, so closed toe shoes or stilettos are no longer welcome. High heels potentially endanger you with harmful fall and it can cause embarrassment with the sand issue. Too formal design is a big no as you need more relaxing and casual pair and too much blink just won’t work out.

  • Explore on Your Options

Even though you can’t have heels and stilettos, you have more than enough options on flats and sandals that are remarkably stylish on its designs today and are very comfortable. They complement your wedding dress and make a perfect match for the reception. Browse on options for straps, embellishments, and details to add a little glamour.

  • Match with Your Dress

If you are wearing traditional wedding dress with casual design, you may want to consider putting on sandals. It accommodates your need to be more chic with elegant details are still welcome. Flip flop is a perfect match for a total beach wedding dress with no posh touch while it makes sure it completed your dress as well.

  • Add Some Personal Details

Instead of going plain or going with how the shoes come, you can add your dress best fabric or other details on the shoes. It makes personalized design and it expresses more of you. It also makes sure your shoes are left out without style. Beach wedding doesn’t necessarily mean without style though.

  • Consider the Activities

What are you planning for the big day? If you plan to play on the water with your new husband as well, suede sandals are not the best friend. However, it will make a pleasant option for a romantic walk and lively dance in the sand. Make sure the material supports you for the activity.

In short, you need to find comfort and safety along with matching style for the wedding. Your options are maybe narrowed down a bit but you still have more than enough room for style and personal preferences as well. Follow the tips and you will find the perfect shoes for your beach wedding.