5 Top Tips to Select the Best Wedding Ring


Choosing the right wedding ring can be as complicated as planning the wedding. There are too many styles and variations, and we still have budget to consider as well. The best wedding ring doesn’t necessary refer to the most expensive ones. Try the following tips to narrow down your option and come up with the best one.

  1. Set Up a Budget

Even though several couples will go for extra expensive rings, most couples prefer to set 3% of their wedding budget for the rings. This budget should include additional gemstones or diamonds if you want it, engraving service, and custom design if you fall for it. Stick with it so you don’t expense too much on rings alone.

  1. See What is Available

Before start hunting, it will be wise to know your options. There are choices for metals, styles, designs, and gemstones to add. Make a little research and find your alternatives. You will find things you are interested into. This can be used as a start for the ring hunting as it narrows down your options.

  1. Shop as a Couple

Every bride and groom deserves to choose their own ring. However, it will be great to shop together as a couple. It minimizes possibilities for feud over styles, metals, and other details. Shopping as a couple, you have someone to share your opinion and to consider factors. In addition to it, it is the best way to buy a pair of rings if you want to go matching.

  1. Pick Out on a Metal

There are several choices for wedding ring metals. Silver is available but gold is often preferable. Gold alone offers at least three different option including, white gold, yellow gold, and currently in trend rose gold. In addition to those two metals, you also have palladium and platinum. Each metal delivers different qualities and suits you in different way.

  1. Deliver Style and Personal Preference

It doesn’t need to match your wedding, but your ring needs to match your personal style. Pick something casual if you are not up to sophisticated piece and go for some embellishments if you like something rich. It should be fine if you have different taste from your groom and vice versa. The key to perfect looking ring is how comfortable and good you are while wearing the ring.

In sum, the options can be vast and wide. However, your personal taste and unique needs will narrow down the options. Focus on your important factors, and you will find a pair of rings that you will love for the rest of your life.