Guide on How to Find Cheap Wedding Ring


Wedding ring alone can eat up to $5,000 of your wedding budget if you go for today’s trend. If you are on budget, it will be wise to opt for cheaper options. Cheap rings don’t necessarily mean ugly rings though. Check out the following guide to secure wedding ring you will love with cheap price.

  • Don’t Go for Designer’s Piece

Designer ring often carries usual design yet it costs a lot for the sake of the brand. You can actually find the same amazing ring from retailer and it costs you a lot cheaper. You should also consider buying non-wedding ring. There are more than enough choices in beautiful finish and design that will fit well for a wedding ring as well.

  • Pick Gold Rather Than Platinum

Obviously, platinum offers excellent quality that represents major values of a wedding. However, gold can offer averagely the same quality with cheaper rate. In addition to the cheaper price, you can choose among color options that platinum can’t offer. Which one do you like, yellow gold, white gold, or rose gold? Fancy!

  • Shop Not on a Season

There are months that are considered as wedding season. It is commonly June to August in so many countries. During the season, any wedding ring will cost even more than usual. If you have the luck to plan your wedding ahead, you should consider shopping at least a month before or after the wedding season. There are sales and clearances you will love.

  • Choose Non-Traditional Shape for Diamond

If you want a diamond ring, you should consider non-traditional shape for the stone. Tradition shape refers to classic round shape which is high on demand. It costs more than other shapes. Trendy shapes, in alternative, offer stylish look with cheaper price as well. It’s an agreeable alternative to consider.

  • Alternative Gems

If you insist to get a gem or stone on your ring, you should consider taking alternatives to diamond. There are a bunch of choices from pearl to jade. Many gems and stones are even rarer comparing to diamond but they cost cheaper. In addition to it, the shade and colors are often considered attractive, giving your wedding ring a fun twist to admire.

In short, there are ways to try that will lead you to a gorgeous wedding ring with cheaper price ever. Your budget may not afford a diamond ring but it doesn’t mean you won’t get the same level of beauty on your wedding ring. Happy hunting!