How to Choose a Wedding Ring for a Man


Choosing a wedding ring can be complicated for groom-to-be as well, not just the bride. Man tends to avoid too many things. They don’t like specific metal and they want specific details too. This can be overwhelming and many grooms end up choosing just any ring. Don’t make the same mistake. Check out the following tips to find a ring you like.

  1. Get the Right Sizing First

It is easy to get the right sizing for your wedding ring even on an online purchasing. Your ring store usually measures your finger with measuring tape for ring size. The same tape is available to buy so you can order online with the right size. Don’t give extra room and don’t go for a size smaller. Take a fit one.

  1. Decide on Ring Profile and the Band Width

There are several profiles for a ring. It includes classic court, flat rings, d-shaped rings, and flat court. Each has its own pros and cons. For active figure, classic court serves the best. You also need to decide on the width. It varies from 2.5 mm to 4 mm. However, most grooms prefer at least 4 mm band width for masculine look.

  1. Choose on a Ring Metal

There are options like silver and palladium while platinum makes the most expensive one. Gold is now available on white, yellow, and even rose gold which your bride may love so much. Consider your budget to choose for a metal. If you want to go matching, consult to your fiancée for the right choice.

  1. Pick Out a Style

There are basically three styles to choose. You can have plain, patterned with so many variations, and the alternatives. The alternatives here refer to custom ring in which you design your own style for the ring. It can be very distinctive and it may express you more.

  1. Diamond or Not?

Many men decide not to wear any diamond on their ring, but there is no rule here. If you want a diamond, it can be added in masculine style as well. It entirely depends on your preferences. However, diamond can add up on your budget significantly so make sure you stick to your budget while considering.

This can be the same heavy pressure on men to choose their wedding ring. You don’t want to go too pretty on it but you want it nice too. Try those tips above step by step and you will find yourself a nice ring for a lifetime.