How to Choose Perfect Wedding Shoes


Who doesn’t want to look perfect on her wedding day? People are all eyes on you, from head to toe. Wedding dresses may be the most important thing. But, it is not complete without the right wedding shoes. These are what you need to keep in mind in choosing perfect wedding shoes.

  1. Consider the Wedding Venue

You may not have problems of wearing high heels. But, it can turn out to be a disaster if you wear them on the sand of your beach ceremony. In this case, you may decide to go barefoot. If you hold an indoor wedding, you can wear high heels or wedges. For a country garden wedding, you would be better in wedges or flats.

  1. Wear What You Comfortable in

Adam Benjamins, Creative Director of Benjamins Adams, says that you should go for the high heels that you wear every day and in which you feel most comfortable in. Thus, you do not need to opt 7 inch heels which you never wear before. If you insist to wear them on your wedding day, practice walking around few weeks before or choose a strap shoe. Remember, try on some sizes of shoes and decide which the most comfortable ones.

  1. Match The Shoes to The Dress

There are two ways of combining your dress and shoes. First, your dress and shoes match exactly. If you want your shoes match to your dress, you should mind about the materials and the color. When you pick a pure white satin dress, you can go for any color. Second, your dress and shoes are a complete contrast. You can wear shoes which have the same color with your bridesmaids or your bridal bouquet. You can also play with metallic or blue shoes.

  1. Research and Research

Do not leap to the conclusion that you are going to wear a certain wedding shoes. It is better to do research before you are finally certain. You may surf the web. If you are planning to buy wedding shoes, you can look for trusted online shops. This way, you are easy to compare the model and price without losing much energy. If you want to touch the product, you can go to several bridal shops. If you want to have custom-made shoes, you can go to a designer and match your shoes to your dress.

Nothing better than looking stunning with your perfect wedding shoes. All you need is knowing what you want to be pictured as in your big day.