How to Choose the Best Wedding Hairstyle for Medium Length Hair


Medium length hair is actually perfect. It allows you to have even more possible options than any other hair. However, choosing the right one may need a little effort. Sometimes, the abundant options can be too confusing as well. If you don’t know how to start, you should read on the following tips.

  1. Know Your Entire Options

Medium length provides you with enough material for an up do, for all down style, and half up hair. Each hairstyle is available on so many variations to accommodate your personal preference. It is important to know all the options first. This is how you know what you are interested into. It helps you to decide later.

  1. Match Your Wedding Dress and Theme

Your hairstyle won’t look well if it doesn’t go along with your dress or your wedding theme. You should go for a pulled back hair while wearing stunning and stylish dress with modern cut. You can also wear a gracious up do for your ballroom wedding dress. Make sure it completes your dress and appropriate for the wedding theme.

  1. Braids, Twist, or Curls?

With medium length, you have enough material for extra details. Braids are great and they look more casual and fun. Meanwhile, twist is always elegant and charming. Of course, you also need to consider curls that add sophistication and sexy look to a bride. Which one do you prefer? Choose one or two. A combination is often great if appropriately added.

  1. Complement Your Face

Your face shape often needs to be considered. Round face can take advantage on loosen hairstyle, in which the illusion is vertical. Consult to your hairstylist on what style will complement your face. Several features will need to be shown off while your insecurities should be improved with the details. It is the key for perfect look you want to have.

  1. Add in Your Personal Style

This is the most important thing you can’t skip. Your hairstyle needs to reflect you best. If you don’t like the all down hair, you should look for half up or even up do. You can go for non-traditional styles, and you should be unique if you want to. If you feel great on a style, you should wear it on your wedding day.

You have more than enough material for so many wedding hairstyles with medium-length hair. Narrow down your options first and then work on the details to achieve the best look.