How to Choose the Best Wedding Hairstyles for Short Hair


Being a short haired bride, you may assume that choosing your wedding hairstyle will be really hard. In contrary, there are more than enough options you will love. If you still think you have too many challenges with this hair, you crucially need to read the following guide.

  • Research for Available Options

Before giving up, make a little research on weeding hairstyles for short hair bride. You will be surprised on the impossible amount of option. Take a close attention on styles you are interested into. You will find yourself with a long list of details and styling options you love. Now, you have a list to work with for a decision.

  • Think about Your Wedding Dress

As your dress already matches the wedding theme, considering your dress will make sure your hairstyle complements the dress the same way. 20’s hairstyle makes a perfect match for a vintage wedding while smooth bob is the best look for your casual modern wedding. Even though there is no very elaborated style, you still have many options to consider.

  • Work with Your Every Day Hairstyle

Short hair is already unique for a bride. You don’t need to use extension to look different on your big day. Instead, start working with your every day hairstyle. A pixie cut nearly needs nothing more. It is sexy and it looks great with almost any accessories. Start with your everyday look and find a variation from there that you feel comfortable with.

  • Explore More on Styling and Accessories

Short hair is still enough material for several details. You can have side braids for a little soft touch on the hair look. In addition to it, curls will add your volume and strengthen your feminine look. Meanwhile, a simple twist keeps a smooth and sleek look from being boring. A little hat, simple hair pin, and even a flower is often enough to enrich your hairstyle.

  • Be You

Don’t choose anything that you aren’t feeling comfortable with. If you feel beautiful and confident in a hairstyle, you are looking at the best one. If it suits your personal style as well, there is no reason not to say “I do” to this style.

Many brides look so chic and charming with short hair. How it exposes your neck is something sexy you will be grateful for. Now start your search and find yourself the best hairstyle you will love.