How to Choose the Perfect Beach Wedding Hairstyles


Beach wedding is totally fun and romantic while it is often intimate at the same time. Funny fact, it is really hard to keep your hairstyle neat after sometime on the beach. You need a specific style that actually keeps looking good while being a good match to the entire details. Need some guide? Check out the tips below.

  1. Consider Your Dress

Your hairstyle needs to go along with the dress no matter what. Consider your dress. Is it a boho wedding dress? If so, make sure to get half up or all down hairstyle to complete it. Up do is great for more princess-like dress but braids are great for every style. Match the hairstyle with the dress and you can never go wrong.

  1. Browse on Options

Beach wedding is a lot of fun and you have endless options for hairstyles. You can do half up or all down, up do or braids, simple curls or side swept, and pulled back or ponytail. Browse on as many options as possible until you get your eyes attracted to several styles and details. Now you have something to begin with.

  1. Loose but Not Too Loose

Being in the beach, it is only a match if your hair is a little bit loose. It emphasizes the fun and casual feeling the beach try to infuse you with. However, the wind is never friendly even to the most stunning bride. Make sure to choose a style that gives you some loose details in a neat way. It keeps you from looking messy in the end.

  1. How Do You Like It?

Choose a hairstyle that you really want to have. Most importantly, choose a hairstyle that you feel great about. It commonly refers to ones that express your true soul and style. Be casual if you want to, or get a sophisticated touch if you are. There is no exact rule. The hair should be about you.

  1. Teeny Tiny Twinkle

Consider on the accessories you want to add. It can be a pretty pin and it can be flowers or some bling. Choose accessories that complete the hairstyle, not in contrary. This tiny detail often holds up everything together and only shows that your hairstyle is perfect as it is. Try on several options before deciding on a specific one.

The key of perfect wedding hairstyle is on how fun you get to be. The more fun your wedding will be, the more fun your hairstyle should be. Let it show your mood for the wedding and don’t be afraid to be a little different. It’s beautiful either way.