How to Choose the Perfect Wedding Cakes


Fantasizing about a perfect wedding cake for the big day is pleasant, but selecting is another thing. Selecting from rainbow colors of frosting and cake flavors sampling is tasty task but you need to get satisfied up to the end. Check out the basics below to guide you to the perfect wedding cake.

  1. Hire Reputable Bakery

Get into the bakery yourself. Talk to the staff and discuss about the wedding cake designs. If you don’t like the staffs, you won’t love the cake. It is important to get a specific image of take once you walk out the bakery. Reputable bakery commonly has dedicated staff and they provide you with enough rendering to go through, not to mention good cake art and taste.

  1. Take Time to Research and Choose

While choosing for the right bakery, fill yourself with knowledge on taste, frosting, icing, sizes and shapes, and designs of the cake. Get familiar with the terms, and gather some ideas you love. Consult to your bakery while visiting and see if there is something to change on your choice. It allows you to make careful and thoughtful decision.

  1. Choose the Taste You Love

Never assume you know the taste. Each bakery may have different result for each flavor so you need to taste it. If you buy for combination of flavors, make sure to try them all together too. It confirms that you love it and your guests deserve the desserts. Plus, avoid exotic flavors to prevent guests’ alienate.

  1. Work on Design and Twists

Instead of getting random with your cake, use your wedding theme as a base. It makes sure your cake is a match and it works with the entire details of the wedding too. To add some taste on the design, you should explore on the recent trends. It gives you up to date finishing you will be proud of.

  1. Don’t Make Classic Mistakes

There are two classic mistakes to make. First, ordering too soon. The ingredients need to be ordered and the staffs need to manage their working flow. Second, don’t bring too many people on cake tasting. It is possible that they all have different opinions, and it can be frustrating. Just bring your maid of honor and one from your planner team.

So, securing a perfect wedding cake is actually pretty simple. You need to know what you want and adapting to what is realistic. Don’t forget to count your budget in so you don’t make expense you can’t afford. Happy choosing!