The blooms the bride carries should fit her in any way, and the bridesmaids’ bouquets should complement the entire concept. Victorians think flower is a language of love, so your bouquet should be the ultimate of romantic statement. Modern brides’ choices of bouquets have been expanded far from all white arrangement. Where to start? Here is how to select the right ones covering all the important elements.

  1. Keep Your Dress in Mind

Your dress will help in leading your way. A simple and elegant dress should be completed with elegant bouquet with a little touch of sophistication like well tailored design or ribbon to add balance. Free form and simple arrangement of wild flowers are perfect for your boho dress in casual wedding. Adjust both factors and you have a start.

  1. Narrow Down Your Options

While the options are impossibly so many, narrowing down your options according to your preferred categories makes it simpler. Decide on size and how the bouquet will be, simple and free or well tailored. Do you want traditional colors for the flowers or striking shade from orange tulips or purple dahlia? It allows you to see only matching options.

  1. Add-In the Wedding Mood and Style

Your wedding mood should be considered while choosing. Is it an elegant ballroom wedding or is it a rustic outdoor event? Do you have special theme to consider as well? Don’t go elegant if your wedding is fun and easy and don’t go simple if you plan for a sophisticated evening. Let the flowers belong to your wedding.

  1. Decide on Shapes and Style

The shape of your bouquet is an important deal in which it enriches your final look. From petite to cascade, you bouquet flowers should complement the entire other details. Statuesque bride carrying small posies will look diminutive while petite bride carrying heavy flower profusions is overwhelming. Put a balance in the bouquet to make sure it complements your figure.

  1. Consider Seasonality

Most flowers are available all year round if you buy from your florists. However, in season flowers are way cheaper and available abundantly. In addition to it, consider the weather. Your flowers need to withstand with heat if you plan an outdoor wedding. Both factors should help you selecting the right bouquets to carry. It needs to be affordable and beautiful the whole day though.

Bouquets are more than just addition to the decoration and details. It is about representing yourself and your sentiments towards the wedding. Work on the elements and consider the final touch. Your perfect wedding bouquets is closer now.