Now that you have your engagement ring, it’s time to decide on the wedding ring to go with it. Choosing the right ring can be as overwhelming as picking out the dress and attire if you don’t know how. Don’t fret. Check out these guides below to find the right ring you will love.

  1. Narrowing Down Your Options

There are gemstones and diamonds, and gold or platinum, not to mention other details. Start it simple. Do you want it to be simple or enriched with embellishment? Do you want bride and groom matching rings? Do you want the same metal your engagement ring has? Answer these questions and you are narrowing down your options. You can start hunting.

  1. Start the Hunting Early

If you have the luxury to plan the wedding early, you should start the hunting early too. Two to three months of hunting should be enough. Try on several designs that match your desire and see what really works out for you. If you fall for custom ring, make sure to start earlier. Plus, ring engraving takes time too.

  1. Shop with a Budget

Most brides and grooms spend 3% of their wedding budget for the ring. If you want to add diamond, gemstones, or embellishment, please make sure it is covered in your budget. Engraving is measured by the font, numbers of characters, and hand or machine grave.

  1. Keep in Mind Your Style and Lifestyle

The key to a perfect wedding ring is how it represents your personality. If you are up to sophistication, posh design will match you. In contrary, you should go for simple and modest ring if you are a casual person. In addition to it, consider taking comfort fit design if you are high with activities. Consider how active you are for the ring design.

  1. Get the Right Size and Twist

Decide on the twist first before you get the right sizing. Twist can affect the ring and the same size can feel different. Once you get the twist enriching the ring, make sure it fits well on your finger. Don’t think about adjusting your weight later. You need it to fit now.

It is also important to be opened to other alternatives. You may have ideas, but trying new things can end up with you loving something you think you never will. Be fun and try something different too. A wedding ring stays on your finger forever, so make sure it is really you.