How to Choose the Right Wedding Shoes


Wedding shoes should be the sparkly accent that complements the wedding dress. A bride can be indifferent or heel obsessed when it comes to wedding shoes, but they should decide solely on how these shoes will look rather than on how much does a pair costs. If you want to find the right pair, check out the following tips derived from a LA bridal stylish, Maradee Wahl.

  • Prepare Multiple Options

You can always start online and find yourself several decent options to try on. You may need to carefully note the return policy to avoid unnecessary expense on the shoes, and you need to be mindful on the final sales as well. However, it will be great to be able to bring those options in the fitting room. Trying wedding shoes while you’re on a pair of jeans just isn’t contributing.

  • Add in Your Personal Styles

The most important factor to consider while choosing your wedding shoes, or any other accessory, is your personal style. If you are high heeled kind of girl, you should go for a pair of posh stiletto for the dress. You can go for sandals and peep toe pair if you are a more casual bride.

  • Never Consider Second-Hand Shoes

You may consider wearing a pair of vintage wedding shoes, but buying it new is always more recommended. Brides actually have more than enough options especially online where they can buy a decent pair in any budget. Second-hand shoes are full of tricky details and it makes it the worst option. Sale on the other way is a great way to safe.

  • Designer Pair isn’t a Must

Unless you feel like it, a pair of designer shoes isn’t a must. There are three things you need to achieve when it comes to wedding shoes. It needs to be a comfortable and safety wise pair. It needs to be comfortable. And it needs to complete your final look. Many non-designer pairs fulfill these requirements.

  • Match with Your Dress

Never say yes to shoes that you don’t compare to your dress. You actually need to make sure the color is suitable for the dress by trying on different proper lighting. Contrasting color is fine but the shoes need to have the style with the dress and it needs to bring out the look in a consistent level.

In short, don’t limit yourself to some narrowed down options. Make sure you are feeling comfortable on it, and it makes the best details to your final look. Wedding shoes hunting should no longer be a nightmarish task for you now.