Buttercream and chocolate frosting seem to be usual now. The options for modern wedding cake are limitless today, allowing brides to choose on more unique piece to display and serve. Opting on something new and interesting at the same time will add a surprise touch to your wedding. If you look for a unique wedding cake, these tips will work for you.

  • Book Personalized Order

Most professional boutique bakery works on personalized term when it comes to wedding cake. You can actually tell your bakery the designs you are up to. If you don’t have any idea yet, they can provide you with special design uniquely made for special occasions. In this case, describing your wedding style will help narrowing down the options of unique elements.

  • Have Some Fun with Frosting and Filling

Instead of sticking with traditional elements, you should consider on fun frosting and filling. Champagne buttercream, lemon colored frosting, and ginger spice finish will be delicious while surprising at the same time. For filling, try different things like raspberry preserves, banana, and tropical fruits will add the delicacy.

  • Add a Little Surprise Element

As mentioned before, it is essential for you to have a little fun. Citrus flavor and extra crunchy tops will be welcomed. Meanwhile, you can also opt for unique design for the cake. Bright colors on top of plain white or dark frosting will be pleasant to look and to taste. It’s like releasing the child inside of your soul.

  • Opt for Out of the Box Topper

You don’t have to go all the way. You can order a simple wedding cake and keep it unique with unlike-the-others topper. Fresh flowers, real fruits, cute mini figurines, and miniature of things you love will do. Topper should either completed the unique design or become the main unique touch of the cake. Be wild.

  • Bring-in Your Soul

Nothing is more unique than delivering your taste and preference on it. Make sure it represents your style and unique hobbies maybe, or a little yet fun achievement you made. It doesn’t only differentiate the cake. It actually adds a real accent and separates it from any other details other couples can have on their cake.

So, you don’t have to be weird if you want to be unique. It’s about having a lot of fun in the cake and expressing more of you as well on it. Make it about you and you have your unique wedding cake.