Cascades of blossoms and iced ribbons, and swirls of buttercream are what make wedding cakes irreplaceable. However let’s not sugar coating the fact, this confection perfection cost is possibly soaring. The average cost is varying among cities, getting you from $500s to $2,000-ish.No worries! The following tricks should get you creative and save you from soar budget without compromising the sweet detail.

  1. Go Simple and Small

The major thing that affects the final cost of wedding cakes is the labor. It takes time to construct, to ice, and to detail. Large cakes also use a lot of more ingredients and more finishing. Simpler and smaller cake use shorter time to work on and smaller amount of ingredients. With careful calculation, you can save up to 50% of the budget.

  1. Opt for Cake Slice Station

Rather than a served course, you can try being different by offering cake slice station. In here, guests are provided with plated presentation. It gives them the feeling of more freedom to choose while it is more interactive in some ways. It can save you around 10% with considerate selections.

  1. Prefer on Square and Naked

Even though traditional round wedding cakes are more common, square cakes are actually better. It is far easier to cut in grid and each tier feeds more guests than you can imagine. In addition to it, naked cakes are in trend right now. They look original and fun at the same time. Skip the frosting and experiment more on the filling, from toasted almonds and chocolate ganache to champagne buttercream. Delish!

  1. Add Cake Order to Your Catering Package

Simply add a wedding cake order to your catering package. In a package, you get much lower price, even for per slice. The catering service commonly gives you several proposals for the wedding cake, and you still can customize here and there to deliver your preference.

  1. Play on Standard and Premium Flavors

Chocolate hazelnut cream and cream cheese is more expensive than raspberry or vanilla buttercream. Key lime, lemon, chocolate, and vanilla cakes are cheaper than carrot or red velvet. Use the standard flavors for big tiers and get the premium flavor for the small tiers. It cuts you 40% of the budget.

Current trend on simple and original looking cake aggress with budget friendly concept. Principally, you don’t have to skip the sweetness while saving more. Try those tricks above and find yourself delighted.