It is always wise to save some of your budget from your wedding dress expense for the catering and venue. According to Huffington Post, most brides in US spend around $1,200 to $3,500 for the dress. Meanwhile, you can actually get a nice dress under $1,000. Check out the following tips to get you a cheap wedding dress to wear.

  1. Purchase the Secondhand Dress

Many brides go for a premium wedding dress to wear for merely six to eight hours once. Then, this dress goes to secondhand market. It means you will get the same awesome dress with at least 50% cheaper deal than it is. You may need to alter a little and fix some simple things but it is totally worth the expense.

  1. Consider Sample Dresses

Sample dresses are those wedding dresses a boutique provides for brides-to-be to try on. In order to provide spaces for the new season, samples go to sale very often and fast. You can even specifically ask for the sample dress to the boutique and you will still get cheaper price. Make sure to choose one with fixable flaws to keep you on budget.

  1. Rent It

Renting a dress can be done online and conventionally now. Basically, you get to try on several dresses, even online, and return it if you don’t like it. Take one that fits you best and rent the dress for at least three days. The price is like 20% of the real worth of the dress so you get the desired look with cheaper expense. You don’t need to store or clean it. Simply send it back when you are happily married.

  1. Buy Separates Wedding Dress

Today’s trend suggests so many fashion forward designs for wedding dresses. Surprisingly, separates wedding dress can cost more than usual cocktail dress but way cheaper than other wedding dresses. Meanwhile, it gives you trendy and stylish look. Pick a soft top and tutu skirt for chic and modern touch.

  1. Go for Non Traditional Dress

Instead of finding a wedding dress, you should consider repurpose other dresses. For example, a cocktail dress will make a stunning and sexy wedding dress if you can select the right design. In alternative, vintage dress can be altered a little and you will have a unique piece to show off your sassy shoes. They are all way cheaper than a traditional wedding dress.

Cheap wedding dresses don’t always mean you have limited options. Instead you have more rooms for creativity and you have more choices to express yourself. Good luck with your hunt!