How to Find Cheap Wedding Flowers


The average price for wedding today has risen. You can have at least $31,000 wedding in smaller cities, but larger cities like New York and LA should cost you up to $87,000. One of the simple places to make a cut on the budget is on your wedding flowers. There are several tricks that will score you cheap options without compromising your stunning wedding look. Check this out.

  1. Prefer to In-Season Flowers

This is economical principle. Most available stuffs are more affordable. Instead of insisting to use your favorite flowers that aren’t in the season on the wedding day, you should consider budget friendly alternative. There is nothing better than locally grown in-season flowers. They are cheap and are available in abundant amounts. Don’t get it wrong, they can be very stunning arrangements as well.

  1. Set a Budget and be Honest with It

While selecting, designing, and coordinating the entire flower arrangements, it is important to decide with your budget in mind. Leaving your budget from consideration only leaves you with possibility to fall for expensive options. Flowers are just decoration so be wise on its budget.

  1. Stay with Budget Blooms

Several people may consider it as tacky, but baby’s breaths, mums, and carnations are inexpensive and they are excellent filler flowers. On the right hands, these flowers will make excellent piece. To avoid the tacky look, back them tightly and opt for monochromatic colors. It will elevate the flowers look while very cheap in price.

  1. Avoid Flowers High Season

In regards to your wedding flowers, there is one specific month you need to avoid, February. Due to Valentine Day, flower prices are significantly higher annually. For a wedding, it can cost you even double for the same simple arrangements. In addition to it, flowers are fewer this month so you practically don’t have enough options to choose.

  1. Keep Things Simple

Super structured bouquets, intricate centerpieces, and flowers garlands take time and effort to arrange. Meanwhile, you are paying no only the flowers, but also the craftsmanship and your florist time. Ordering simple things will reduce the bill significantly as it doesn’t require complicated techniques and a long time of arranging.

Lavish arrangements and bouquets are stunning and lovely, but they aren’t friendly to your budget. Those tricks above should secure you the same stunning look while you actually can afford easily. Apply those tricks and see what it gives you.