For most brides, picking a pair of wedding shoes is like selecting the right icing on a cake. It finishes the look and it matters a lot. However, many brides are on budget for the pair and most bridal shoes aren’t friendly when it comes to pricing. Check out the following tips to find cheap wedding shoes with premium look.

  1. Don’t Go for Bridal or Wedding Labels

Avoid hunting for bridal shoes or wedding shoes as they commonly cost even more money for no legitimate reason. You can actually find pretty gold, silver, or white pairs that aren’t “wedding” shoes. These are every day shoes that offer comfort and quality as well while being way cheaper. Nothing can beat this option.

  1. Shop a Season Ahead

If you have the luck for planning the wedding in advance, you should consider buying a summer sandals for your wedding shoes in fall. Often, they are offered in clearance with discounted price. Early shopping offers you surprising benefits you should use. Shop on shoes that aren’t on season right now but that will be great for the next one.

  1. Consider Dying Your Shoes

Many brides often find the right wedding shoes but they are on wrong colors. Don’t give up the choice because you can actually work it out by dying it on different colors. There are many tutorials online to do this so you can have comfort, budget, and look at the same time. Just make sure you know what color you want on it.

  1. Go for Non-Traditional Wedding Shoes

There is almost no rule for a pair of wedding shoes. Rather than buying expensive pair of common wedding shoes, you should go for your ruby red slippers for the dress or royal blue flip flop for a fun twist. It isn’t only cheap. It also makes a fine complement to your final look.

  1. Customized Details

Many brides find a pair of shoes that get the right color and design but it is lack of details. It doesn’t show enough elegance on it. For details, you can actually add your dress fabric and details on it too. Just ask your seamstress to attach the details on your shoes too for customized looking shoes.

In sum, there are more than enough ways for brides to get their dreaming wedding shoes while being on budget. The key is to address your comfort and safety. Style is available everywhere and you have more than enough options to improvise.