How to Take Care of Your Wedding Dress Before and After the Big Day


Your wedding dress is one of the biggest aspects on the day while it also makes the most delicate one. There are several tricks you need to understand to keep the pristine and flawless all the time. If you need some guide to care for your wedding dress, check out the following tips.

Before the Wedding

  1. Dry Clean is Your Best friend

You will want to wear clean wedding dress in your big day. Therefore, make sure your dress is dry cleaned before it is delivered to you. The dry cleaning gives the best cleansing while it leaves the fabric almost untouched. It prevents any wrinkle and damage to your dress.

  1. Packaging Matters

The most dangerous thing you need to avoid is your dress getting stepped on or touched too much. You can use a special covers for this kind of outfits. It prevents other hands from touching it, but it still tends to wrinkle. You can use a dress box but it tends to leave folding mark if you keep it too long. Make sure to transport the dress immediately to prevent those risks.

  1. The Day Care

When the dress has arrived, it is imperative for you to immediately take it out of the package. Hang it on a place with almost no traffic so no one can touch it. Lay a cloth under and let the train lies on it. Fold the cloth to protect the train.

After the Knot

  1. Dry Clean is Your Best friend, Again

Don’t wait up until next week to bring your wedding dress to the dry cleaning. Immediate proper cleaning will keeps the stains out. Abrasions and rips can be treated immediately as well. Make sure the cleaning solution they use is safe for your dress fabric.

  1. Be Responsible

Are you leaving for honeymoon immediately after the wedding? If so, make sure you put someone in charge for the dress. It is essential as you need to store the dress immediately after being delivered from the dry cleaning. As we know it, dry cleaning package isn’t appropriate to use for a long time.

  1. Which Part of the Closet?

Keep your wedding dress in a part of your closet where it will be rarely accessed. A space that is completely unexposed to sunlight or any direct light, dry, and dark is an ideal place. Many brides prefer to keep it to an extra closet to keep the dress safe.

In sum, it isn’t complicated to take care of your wedding dress before and even after the wedding. However, it takes careful and appropriate decision. If you are buying your dress right now, make sure you are ready for those steps as well.