Tips to Choose the Right Flat Wedding Shoes


Considered a little unsexy, flat wedding shoes are now available on so many stylish designs and details. World class shoe designer like Jimmy Choo makes sure every bride gets the best shoes she deserves. While it’s perfect for outdoor wedding, recent flat bridal shoes are amazing pieces for ballroom reception as well. If you like this idea, you may want to use the following tips to find you a pair.

  1. Browse on Your Options

Make your own research on what is available right now. Social medias make a perfect display for your little research and Pinterest is often considered the best source for ideas. You will find yourself attracted to certain designs, materials, and details. Gather all of your ideas and make sure to bring it while hunting. It gives you ahead start on what to look for.

  1. Take Time for Trying on Designs

While you have your own ideas, take enough time just to try on different designs. You may like a certain design, but you will find a particular design that actually looks good on you only by trying it on. Like body shape, your feet have its own insecurities and great features to cover and to expose.

  1. Match It with Your Dress Design

If you are wearing a Bohemian dress, you may want to consider wearing beaded sandals instead of bejeweled heels that doesn’t look like a match at all. Your shoes need to have the same style and accent your dress has. They need to share the same line to make consistent final look.

  1. Be Fun on Colors

Bridal stylists often recommend bride to prefer on darker shade for the shoes and it goes for the flat shoes as well. However, it’s also fun to try on contrasting colors for a little touch of surprise on your look. Don’t limit yourself on certain color option. Try on several dazzling colors that can contribute a pump on your outfit.

  1. Make Sure It Represents You

Are you a posh flat shoes kind a girl? It’s fine to prefer on strappy sandals if it actually represents you. The best way to make sure the shoes represent you is by considering your every day preferred style. It can be anything from casual to chic as long as you feel great on it.

Flat wedding shoes are considered fun and worth to wear today. As long as you can find a fine pair, no one will complain on how you look. Try those tips above to find you a pair. Every bride deserves a decent pair of shoes they’ll dance the night on.