Tips to Choose Wedding Flowers Arrangements without a Hustle


Selecting the flower arrangements is often foreign and it seems costly for so many couples. It’s not as simple as choosing your favorite flowers or colors and use it. The following basics are derived from a pro florist and it should help speeding you up in choosing. Check these out.

  1. Do Your Homework

Before meeting your florist or floral designer, take some time to figure out the basic things, what you like and what’s it called. Flower arrangements include so many things from centerpieces to Boutonnieres and flower frames at the altar. You need to know at least three major things including types of arrangements, floral names, and floral terms. Then, prepare an idea board and show them to your florists, don’t just tell.

  1. Floral Designers vs. Pro Florists

Those are two different persons. You need a floral designer if you want your entire look of the wedding reception and ceremony isle to be well designed. It costs more than regular pro florists. You don’t need a designer if you already have an eye for the designs or if you have a planner already.

  1. Venue Influences

Floral decision should be influenced by your locale. Vineyard or botanical garden and park wedding don’t need so many flowers. Clusters of wildflowers are perfect for rustic wedding and groups of all white orchids in glam setting is ideal for a ballroom wedding. The shape and length of your guests table will affect the size and design of the centerpieces as well.

  1. Bring In Some Meanings

Personalize your flowers with personal preferences and personal feelings towards it. Victorians actually assign different meanings to different flowers. Passion white lily shows purity and happiness while red tulip is about love. Dig more on those meanings and transfer it to your wedding mood.

  1. Guests in Mind

Never let your flowers get in the way. You want the venue and tables to be filled, but you also want enough space for your guests to actually enjoy their steak and talk to each other. Make sure to choose the right size, height, and length to accommodate both needs. Visualize everything before you say “I do” to the arrangements.

So, it’s basically a simple task yet it can be complicated if you don’t know where to start. Those basics should lead you to the right direction and it should be no time before you can decide on the best arrangements. Feel your choice and you will get the right ones for your wedding.