Top 5 Tips for Choosing Your Maternity Wedding Dress


Many designers now work on maternity wedding dress as the number of expecting bride increases. The options are actually so many that it often overwhelms the brides. A pregnant bride deserves to feel as beautiful as other brides who aren’t expecting. If you want to find flattering maternity wedding dress for your big day, the following tips will be your magic words.

  • Choose the Right Silhouette to Conceal the Bump

Your bump isn’t something to be fully covered but you don’t need to hug it all over as well. For elegant looking dress, you should consider to conceal it a little for graceful figure. Empire waist makes a perfect silhouette while A-line is always flattering. It has great shape while it also drapes perfectly over your body.

Tips for Choosing Wedding Dress for Pregnant Women
  • Size Up Always

You will commonly wear the dress after three to four months after ordering it. The trick is to add an inch on each month of the period to your size. Then, see how it ends up on your designer’s sizing chart. For comfortable choice, order one size larger from the chart. It allows your body to slip in well. You will have rooms for altering as well if it appears to be too big.

Tips for Choosing Pregnant Wedding Dress
  • You Need Extra Corsets and Panels

Don’t panic if you don’t fit in during your final fitting day. It is a common issue. Make sure to order an extra yard of the same material so you have enough rooms for alteration after the fitting. The expert seamstress will do a magic on your dress and you will love it.

  • The Best Fabrics to Use

Even though almost all fabrics are fine, each fabric represents different silhouette. Organza, chiffon, and tulle will drop nicely to your lower figure. It is also comfortable for the tummy of not being too tight. However, you can wear silk if you want to hug all of your curves.

  • Keep It Simple

Expecting bride doesn’t need over the top accessories and jewelry. The bump is already an oversized accessory you shouldn’t try to compete with. However if you want a little glam, focus more on your upper figure. AS for your lower body, keep it simple and gracious to make a real balance on your final look.

Every bride deserves the perfect dress on their wedding day, including the mom-to-be brides. Use those tips above to secure the right dress for you and enjoy being beautiful on your once-in-a-lifetime moment.