Top 5 Tips to Choose the Right Wedding Flowers


Finding gorgeous inspiration for wedding flowers is often a lot of fun but getting down to choosing, coordinating, and designing your stems are often overwhelming. This is when your florist comes in. Still, you need to make a choice. Check out the following tips to secure the best wedding flowers for your big day.

  1. Think of Your Venue First

Your venue has key elements to consider. You need to see on your venue place setting, linens, chairs, lighting, style, and colors. You only need to complete the venue look instead of creating a whole new look out of it. Considering the key elements allows you to have aligned palette that pleases the eyes.

  1. Know Your Options

It is important to know the entire options you can have. For building your knowledge, browse all kinds of settings and arrangements, from bouquet to centerpieces. Know the kinds of flowers often used for wedding event and consider their colors and setting for your venue. Soon, you will find several options seem great. Bring this ideas and inspirations to your florist.

  1. Be Open for Colors

The best thing about wedding flowers is how it completes the venue and set up some moods. You need to be opened on types and colors of the flowers. There are rare flowers that can look stunning in your venue while several in season varieties are too pretty to miss as well. You can decide on a palate, but be free to revise it for even cooler look.

  1. Agree with the Season

Insisting on certain varieties of flowers isn’t wise. Flowers are highly undependable. They are seasonal. The best thing to do is agreeing with the season. There are more than enough options on each season and it commonly is more affordable given that the flowers aren’t hard to get.

  1. Don’t Replicate Inspiration

Searching for inspiration is fun but don’t ensure yourself to replicate the idea. Use the concept and alter the details adjusting your situation. You have palette and budget to consider and sticking to a single idea can suffer you in many ways, from budget to the final look.

Wedding flowers are supposed to add meaning and atmosphere to your wedding venue. Being too tight while selecting is never wise. If you use florist, consult your ideas and be flexible to achieve the most stunning wedding venue ever.